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Family law

Alonzo H. Zahour has personally provided representation in diverse areas of family law. These matters include not only dissolution of marriage, legal separations, invalidity of marriages, pre-nuptial agreements, pre and post decree matters, past due support enforcement of existing judgments, modification of judgments, change of custody, allocations of parental rights and responsibilities (formerly designated as custody), parenting time (formerly defined as visitation), as well as all issues of support involving those matters. A detailed list of those areas of practice of those areas which he is involved in is listed below.
It is the belief of Alonzo H. Zahour that the participants to family law disputes are often able to resolve issues through proper guidance. He is very comfortable in providing that guidance to his clients so that disputes can be resolved without the need for lengthy and potentially destructive litigation. Questions will receive a straight answer.

However, he has had decades of experience of litigation in family law courts and is well versed in what is needed to present a successful case to the court that often results in favorable decisions.

The general process of family law representation is for the client to schedule an appointment at which time non-confidential information will be provided to the attorney and the attorney will advise the client with honest alternatives and suggestions of how the problems can be resolved. Once a determination has been made to hire Alonzo H. Zahour then follow up conversations will be had at which time confidential information will be obtained.

An employment contract will be provided to the client outlining fees to be incurred in this representation, which for many items in family law are fixed fees. At other times hourly fees are charged due to the complexity of the issues involved and due to the uncertain nature of how the opposing party will react to that which the client requests be done.

Criminal Law

Alonzo H. Zahour has also personally provided defense to hundreds of clients who have been accused of various offenses in both State and Federal Courts. The general process of criminal representation is for the client to contact Alonzo H. Zahour and an initial non-confidential appointment will be made outlining the general procedures necessary to present a successful defense. Then if a decision is made to hire Alonzo H. Zahour confidential information will be provided to the attorney which can not be disclosed to third parties.

The basic outline of any criminal defense is to certainly get a good statement of facts, understand the law and how it applies to the facts, review evidence that the State or Federal government may have and then outline a proposed strategy to successfully defend the case.

The types of criminal cases that Alonzo H. Zahour accepts are:

Aggravated Traffic Cases (DUI revoked), Assault and Battery, Attempt Cases, Burglary and Robbery, Domestic Violence, Drug Cases, Expungement, Embezzlement, Fraud Cases, Gun Cases, Identity Theft Cases, Juvenile Cases, Ordinance Violations and Misdemeanors, Pornography, Probation and Parole Violations, Property Offenses, Prostitution, Sex Crimes, Theft Cases, White Collar Crimes, Violations of Federal Statutes and/or Regulations, Most Non-Murder Felonies


The office of Alonzo H. Zahour has provided bankruptcy representation to thousands of clients since the start of his law practice in 1975. Alonzo H. Zahour practices bankruptcy matters in the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division, of the Federal Bankruptcy Court.
Providing representation in the following areas:
  • Chapter 7 (debt elimination)
  • Chapter 13 (debt reorganization)
  • Chapter 11 (debt reorganization for large asset and/or large debt cases)
Representation in adversarial matters in Bankruptcy Court for Defendants. These matters often involve allegations of fraud or disqualification, or avoidance of discharge of certain debts.

Chapter 7

Representation in adversarial matters in Bankruptcy Court for Defendants. These matters often involve allegations of fraud or disqualification, or avoidance of discharge of certain debts.

Chapter 13

Representation in adversarial matters in Bankruptcy Court for Defendants. These matters often involve allegations of fraud or disqualification, or avoidance of discharge of certain debts.

Chapter 11

Chapter 11 bankruptcies are large assets and/or large debt bankruptcies. They are much more complex than a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 and generally they must take place at the Federal Court building in Chicago, Illinois and are very time intensive.

Adversary Matters

Adversary matters, such as actions that seek to avoid a discharge of a certain debt or to dismiss the bankruptcy are basically litigation. There is a plaintiff who sues the debtor and the Court makes the decision. They are generally billed on an hourly basis as the time involved is often difficult to estimate. These types of cases are relatively rare for most bankruptcy filings but they do exist.

Bankruptcy Filing Procedures

The procedure to file a bankruptcy at the office of Alonzo H. Zahour is to schedule an initial appointment at no charge at which time a general review of the client's financial situation is made and suggestions are made as to what type of bankruptcy should be filed. A second appointment is made after the client obtains various information that is disclosed at the initial conference and the second meeting is generally administered by a legal assistant of Alonzo H. Zahour. This second meeting can be time intensive and take well over an hour. Thereafter a third meeting is held, again in the presence of Alonzo H. Zahour, when all the documents are prepared, reviewed carefully, changes often made, and then the case is filed. Note that the filing of the bankruptcy gives the client protection from creditors. The client is not protected by just consulting with the lawyer, the filing gives the protection.

After the filing a creditor meeting is held and this is a non-judicial administrative procedure held in various counties depending on where the client resides and then thereafter, ultimately, a discharge order entered.

Other Areas of Law We Serve:

Adoptions, Bankruptcy (Personal and Business - Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Chapter 13)
Contracts and Drafting of Documents, Criminal Defense (State and Federal Courts)(Felony and Misdemeanor)
Custody Disputes
Dissolution and Divorce Matters
Civil Unions
Divorce Mediation
All Traffic Matters
General Civil Litigation
Matters Involving Court Guardianship (Minor and Adult)
Juvenile Court
Name Changes
Paternity | Parentage
Real Estate (Personal and Commercial)
Secretary of State Proceedings
Support and Nonsupport