Criminal Law in Bolingbrook, IL

Alonzo H. Zahour has also personally provided defense to hundreds of clients who have been accused of various offenses in both State and Federal Courts. The general process of criminal representation is for the client to contact Alonzo H. Zahour and an initial non-confidential appointment will be made outlining the general procedures necessary to present a successful defense. Then if a decision is made to hire Alonzo H. Zahour confidential information will be provided to the attorney which can not be disclosed to third parties.

The basic outline of any criminal defense is to certainly get a good statement of facts, understand the law and how it applies to the facts, review evidence that the State or Federal government may have and then outline a proposed strategy to successfully defend the case.

The types of criminal cases that Alonzo H. Zahour accepts are:

Aggravated Traffic Cases (DUI revoked), Assault and Battery, Attempt Cases, Burglary and Robbery, Domestic Violence, Drug Cases, Expungement, Embezzlement, Fraud Cases, Gun Cases, Identity Theft Cases, Juvenile Cases, Ordinance Violations and Misdemeanors, Pornography, Probation and Parole Violations, Property Offenses, Prostitution, Sex Crimes, Theft Cases, White Collar Crimes, Violations of Federal Statutes and/or Regulations, Most Non-Murder Felonies