Attorney Fees in Bolingbrook, IL

The Alonzo H. Zahour office is located in Bolingbrook, Illinois. Personal and confidential appointments (including a free consultation) can be scheduled at your convenience. An appointment can be scheduled for you to meet with a member of our legal team on weekdays, evenings, and Saturdays.

Fee Schedule

Alonzo H. Zahour has been in practice since 1975, and it has been his goal to provide competent legal services at a reasonable cost. Fees are billed either on a fixed fee basis or hourly basis depending on the circumstances. Fees can be paid in installments.

All fees quoted do not include the payment of court costs, such as filing fees, appearance fees, subpoena fees, service of summons fees and so forth. Clients are generally provided with an employment contract that outlines the fees or, in certain circumstances such as in criminal defense matters, are provided with a letter outlining how fees will be billed.

For more information about our fees and costs, or to schedule a consultation, call the office of Alonzo Zahour in Bolingbrook, Illinois today at 630-759-3631.