Family Law in Bolingbrook IL.

Alonzo H. Zahour has personally provided representation in diverse areas of family law. These matters include not only dissolution of marriage, legal separations, invalidity of marriages, pre-nuptial agreements, pre and post decree matters, past due support enforcement of existing judgments, modification of judgments, change of custody, allocations of parental rights and responsibilities (formerly designated as custody), parenting time (formerly defined as visitation), as well as all issues of support involving those matters. A detailed list of those areas of practice of those areas which he is involved in is listed below.
It is the belief of Alonzo H. Zahour that the participants to family law disputes are often able to resolve issues through proper guidance. He is very comfortable in providing that guidance to his clients so that disputes can be resolved without the need for lengthy and potentially destructive litigation. Questions will receive a straight answer.

However, he has had decades of experience of litigation in family law courts and is well versed in what is needed to present a successful case to the court that often results in favorable decisions.

The general process of family law representation is for the client to schedule an appointment at which time non-confidential information will be provided to the attorney and the attorney will advise the client with honest alternatives and suggestions of how the problems can be resolved. Once a determination has been made to hire Alonzo H. Zahour then follow up conversations will be had at which time confidential information will be obtained.

An employment contract will be provided to the client outlining fees to be incurred in this representation, which for many items in family law are fixed fees. At other times hourly fees are charged due to the complexity of the issues involved and due to the uncertain nature of how the opposing party will react to that which the client requests be done.